We Have All Your Flea & Tick Prevention & Treatment Solutions

Flea and tick prevention and treatment is an important part to keeping your pet healthy. At Collar & Leash Pet Shop, we have all your preventative and treatment solutions to keep your furry friend not only happy but healthy, too! We offer natural, healthy alternatives that keep the fleas and ticks off your pets without adversely affecting their health. While flea and tick prevention methods given directly to your pet are crucial to their well-being, it is also important to ensure that your home and yard stay flea and tick free.

Some Of The Flea & Tick Prevention Methods We Offer Are:

  • Vitamin B Supplements
  • Essential Oil
  • Natural, Pesticide-Free Flea Remedies
  • Flea And Tick Collars
  • Shampoos And Topical Applications
  • Both Conventional And Natural
  • Home And Yard Sprays